Dye hair with kool aid boil water

Dye hair with kool aid boil water And pinch some of the koolaid in your fingers and rub through desired part of hair.
So here is a little secret to get crazy hair color for only a few dollars dyeing your hair with Kool Aid.
Add a ten drops of olive oil to keep the hair soft and to keep from getting sticky.
Take a container and put three packages of unsweeted Kool Aid and mix with one cup of water being careful to not make a liquid mix like the first method but to create a paste.
Add a few drops of conditioner to the mix stirring it in the same way adding to the paste.
With gloves apply the mix to your fingers carefully to the first section of hair making sure the paste covers the hair like a normal dye.
If done this before and the best way I found to do it is to boil the koolaid and water before then able to hair.
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This powdered drink is sold in small packets and in larger jars and is much less expensive than commercial dyes.
You can mix together different flavors to create your own custom hair color shades.
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Does Anyone have Any Tips on How to Make Your Hair Look Naturally Curly But With Ou.
I am African American and was Wondering if You Put a Relaxer on Your Hair After You.
Put it over the stove and boil until bubbles are breaking at the surface and steaming is coming up.
Once the water is boiling open a packet of your Kool Aid and pour it in the water .
Then turn off the stove and put the cooking pot on a cold surface and make sure it is completely cooled down .
Rinse your hair off in cool water when you are done soaking it and brush it out .
Repeat the previous process except dip your hair half of what you dipped the last time for 15 minutes .
Repeat the process again and soak the tips of your hair for 20 minutes and rinse off then dry .
It could possibly stain your hair and leave a tiny hint of color even after several washes.
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If you want a specific shade that none of the packets will create alone then you can mix them together in order to create the color that you are looking for.
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Comments 233 comments Go to last comment Lenore Robinson   19 months ago from Delaware Wow.
All hair is different so the amount that the colour will fade per wash is dependent.
I have medium brown hair and I only want a soft tint to my hair and not a crazy color.
CourtneyHingley   10 months ago Hub Author This will probably affect the depth of colour.
Mimi123  10 months ago So everyone that I know has done red and they all have brown hair.
And I Only Want A Part Of My Hair Done So Should I Use The Boiling One Or The Other One .
If you use the other method then use foil or clingfilm in order to seperate the parts that you want dyed from the rest of your hair.
Natalie  10 months ago Okaee So After The 5 Mins Are Up What Elsa Do I Do Or Am I Done .
CourtneyHingley You Still Have Not Answer My Question After I Am Done Puttin My Head In The Bowl What Elsa Do I Do Or Am I Done .
AlexBB  10 months ago I want to try this again for summer but I want to try purple instead.
Like i said I have dirty blondeish hair and im trying to figure out if the purple will work or should i just stick to red.
I would suggest doing a strand test in order to see the results before dying the rest of your hair.
JadaBug  10 months ago I had trouble keeping sandwich wrap in so I used a clip and a plastic bag.
Hey I have light brownish blondish hair and i just put in a streak of red koolaid.
I used the conditioner and water method and have been waiting with it in my hair for quite a while now.
I would suggest buying one of those for when you need the colour to be taken out.
I would suggest either strand testing or buying a hair dye removal product in case you want to remove the colour.
Usually people tend to just aim to wash their hair less frequently than what they are personally used to.
I tried convincing my mom to let me have red highlights but she said your too young and I told her my friend has them and my mom said no.
Aid Dye for your hair and I totally think this is way better that color hair spray.
Please answer Rojo  8 months ago I did red on my hair and its a light brownish kind of dark.
It stayed in for about a month and a half and stayed fairly bright for that time.
Trouble333  6 months ago My 11 yr old daughter has a costume party this weekend and needs Pink hair for her costume.
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